The Venetian Water Festival moves to the Arsenal in an inimitable open-air theatre to celebrate the Venice Carnival 2022 with an extraordinary spectacle on the water, an element with which the City has created its most intimate bond.

A visionary artistic collaboration of live performance and technology, which gives life to a parade with a strong visual impact on the water space of the basins of the Arsenal, which through a dreamlike narration with the elements of air, earth, water, and fire creates imaginative visions of submerged worlds and future civilisations.

Amidst the flames and on the waters of the dockyards of the Arsenal, the artistic vision entitled REMEMBER THE FUTURE – Nebula Solaris takes its cue from the theme of the Venice Carnival 2022 chosen by the artistic director Massimo Checchetto, and returns an overall vision with a look at the past that moves towards the future.

The Opera Fiammae company gives life to an extraordinary spectacle on the water, celebrating the 1,600th anniversary of the founding of Venice. In the evocative space that was once the seat of the Serenissima’s mighty navy, the best companies from the world of fire manipulation will perform together with other original performers operating both in Italy and abroad: on the striking water stage, in addition to Anton Bonura (Lumi – Il Drago Bianco), the founder of Opera Fiammae, there will also be Lucie Vendlova and Tatiana Foschi, Placido Militano (Spain), the Ilotopie company (France), Daniela Zaharieva Momcheva (Bulgaria), Gambeinspalla Teatro, Thomas Goodman, Danza Collettivo Emergency, Pyronix Production (Belgium), and Simon Desira of Flyboard Malta.

A show by Opera Fiammae
Water Show by Viorica
Video design by Antica Proietteria
Directed by Anton Bonura

Nineteen extraordinary artists from the international scene, with eleven craft, all fitted out with refined scenography to stage a spectacle with a strong artistic identity that aims to fire up the spectators and draw them into a fantasy world.
Ethereal frameworks of fire and bubbles that recount a past that, although fleeting, is intense and powerful. A past that flows into an ephemeral present under a spatial-temporal bridge to arrive at an imaginary future. A tale of stories set in different eras and places that hide a thread that ties them all to each other, demonstrating that the individual actions of one man have repercussions on the past, present, and future of another.
A nod, also, to the story of those who have contributed to the growth of Venice. Peoples of the earth who build, blend, and transform matter until they meet the future through the extraordinary play of images curated by the skilful technique of Viorica and Antica Proietteria.
Thirty minutes in a visionary journey among timeless creatures, lights, and futuristic projections that emerge from the waters in the churning of the birth of new life.

Nebula Solaris will be on twice a day throughout 9 nights: Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th, and then from Thursday 24th to March 1st, with two daily reruns at 6.45pm and 9.15pm.

In compliance with the national and local safety guidelines, the show will be available with reservation only (online here or at Venezia Unica sales points of Piazzale Roma, Tronchetto, Mestre Piazzale Cialdini, Correr Piazza San Marco, Dolo and Sottomarina).  Super Green Pass and FFP2 masks are mandatory.

Thanks to Italian Navy.


A special ACTV shuttle-boat service will be running from San Zaccaria to Arsenale, and back (only for ticket’s holder)

  • from S. Marco-S. Zaccaria “A” to Torre di Porta Nuova\Arsenale: services from 5:30 pm (for the 6:45 pm show) and from 8:00 pm (for the 9:15 pm show);
  • from Torre di Porta Nuova\Arsenale to S. Marco-S. Zaccaria: services at the end of each  show.

Permission to board is granted only to show tickets holders and the following Actv  tickets: € 5.00 return journey tickets valid exclusively for route CA, time-limited travelcards (1, 2, 3, 7 days); Rete Unica season passes, Rete Unica tickets or ticket booklets – for waterborne service – enabled Venezia Unica cards.

Mandatory EU digital covid certificate and FFP2 masks on board.



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