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#EnjoyRespectVenezia is the City of Venice’s awareness campaign

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Venice is one of the most unique cities in the world, representing a cultural and natural asset of exceptional value that needs to be preserved and passed on to future generations. To preserve its extraordinary beauty and uniqueness and its exceptional artistic and natural environment, without obstructing the development of other social and economic activities, Venice needs a sustainable tourism that blends in with the daily life of its residents.

To this end, as of 2017- the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development – the City of Venice launched #EnjoyRespectVenezia, an awareness campaign aimed at encouraging visitors to behave responsibly and respectably towards the environment, the landscape, the artistic beauty and the identity of Venice and its inhabitants.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness on the need to find a sustainable coexistence between tourists and residents, providing the tourist with guidelines that are compatible with the context and adapted to the local customs and traditions.

The good practices for the responsible visitor are, in fact, outlined in a sort of handbook that includes tips and advice on how to become a more aware and respectful traveller and to fully experience the canal city.

12 good rules for the responsible visitor

  1. Discover the hidden treasures of Venice in the least visited places to appreciate Venice’s exceptional beauty.
  2. Explore theislands in the lagoonand Mainland Venice, participate in events spread throughout the Metropolitan City.
  3. Taste the local products and typical Venetian cuisine.
  4. Visit the artisans’ workshops and learn about the ancient trades that still exist today in Venice. Choose only original products and do not buy any goods from illegal vendors.
  5. Book tours with qualified tourist guides able to recount Venice’s thousand-year-old history.
  6. Walk on the right, do not stand at any time on bridges, do not even lead bikes by hand.
  7. Steps of churches, bridges, wells, monuments and banks of streams, canals etc. are not picnic areas. Please use the public gardens for this necessity. Consult the map.
  8. St. Mark’s Square is a monumental site and excluding pertinent bars and restaurants, it is forbidden to stand at any time in order to consume food or drink.
  9. Venice is a city of art: it is forbidden to camp, walk about in swimwear, dive and swim. The beaches at Lido and Pellestrina can be easily reached.
  10. Respect the environment and artistic wealth: do not litter, do not vandalize with graffiti, or padlocks. Do not give food to the pigeons.
  11. If you are staying in an apartment or flat, please get informed about the garbage recycling collection.
  12. Plan your trip and choose to visit Venice when it is less crowded. Find out more about Venice entry fee.
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