Venice is a unique city.

With its distinctive layout that develops on both sides of the Grand Canal, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Lying in the middle of a lagoon and composed of a dense fabric of narrow alleys and squares, bridges and canals, Venice is a city to be explored on foot and by vaporetto (waterbus) to appreciate the views and architectures of rare beauty. Not only are St. Mark’s Square or the Rialto Bridge key destinations for a tourist to visit, but there is also a large historic centre – among the largest in Europe – to be discovered piece by piece.

Venice was a maritime republic of great power and prestige that ruled for over a thousand years under the name of “La Serenissima”, becoming a crossroads between different cultures and knowledge and a meeting point between East and West. A rich legacy and signs that can be found in its architectural and cultural heritage make it a city of extraordinary beauty that for centuries has been a key destination for generations of visitors.

Thanks to its unique urban and natural features, Venice and its lagoon were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1987.

Venezia Unica is the city’s official citypass, designed to offer both regular visitors and tourists access to local public transport and cultural attractions for a full and intense experience.

The Venezia Unica citypass can be easily configured, either on-line or at a ticket office, to meet your every need.  Discover all the opportunities that Venezia Unica offers, thanks to the partnerships with main public and private subjects in the city.

Are you thinking of visiting Venice during Carnival? Schedule your visit in advance and purchase the services on-line to avoid queues and long waiting times.

Connect to Venezia Unica to purchase the following services on-line:

  • Public transport to and from Venice and its islands, as well as to and from Marco Polo airport
    Museums and churches
    Parking facilities
    Wi-Fi connection
    Silver, Gold and Platinum citypass

    Get Venezia Unica citypass with just a “click” of your finger, to make the most of the city of Venice and an unforgettable experience.


Plan your stay in Venice and get your city pass


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