When it’s cold outside, you come back home from work and you just want to lay on the couch with your partner and watch a good movie. If St. Valentine’s day is getting closer, you have to choose a romantic movie: background music, memorable sentences and always a kiss to seal the love between the two main characters of the movie. We were wondering: which are the best kisses of the big screen? And here’s our answer!

  1. Satine and Christian, Moulin Rouge: if you are a poet of good family who arrived in Montmartre to live a bohemian life and you find yourself in the Moulin Rouge by chance, you could not but fall in love with the star of the show. Obviously, if you are Ewan McGregor, she can only reciprocate: the first kiss between the two main characters is the sweetest and most exciting thing we have ever seen!
  2. Scarlett and Rhett, Gone with the Wind: although hair pomade is out-of-fashion, Rhett Butler’s charm remains unaltered through the decades. How can you say no to a marriage proposal made by the prince of loudmouths? The kiss that seals the pact between the two is really breath-taking!
  3. Vivian and Edward, Pretty Woman: He meets her, she follows him and they make a mind-boggling contract that includes money, shopping and overnight stays in a Hollywood luxury hotel. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but they fall in love: “So what happens after he climbs up and rescues her?” “She rescues him right back”. A closure like this could not but predict an unforgettable kiss.
  4. Rose and Jack, Titanic: the most beautiful love stories are the impossible ones. Rose is already destined to marry a rich heir, but she falls in love with the charming Jack, who is on the Titanic thanks to a lucky hand at poker. When they kiss each other on the transatlantic bow, during the now iconic scene, we could not but sigh and fall in love with them!
  5. Mary Jane and Peter Parker, Spider-Man: the clean face of Tobey Maguire inspires a rare tenderness, but being able to kiss the mysterious Spider-Man is a completely different thing, especially if he has just rescued you from a group of robbers and kisses you upside-down. It is raining, and he even allows you to take off his mask (but only half!). Let’s admit it: every one of us has dreamt at least once to receive a kiss like this.
  6. Romeo and Juliet: the young Montecchi man teaches us that worshipping a woman like she’s a saint always works. For this reason, when, during the party at the palace, Romeo begs Juliet to make sure “the jointed lips pray like hands”, she could not but welcome his kiss.
  7. Sugar and Junior, Some Like It Hot: if Marylin Monroe kisses you, it’s really hard to remain indifferent. For this reason, the kiss (actually, the kisses!) between the diva and Tony Curtis are so funny. We are on the yacht of a shy and bespectacled Junior, who tries to convince the singer Sugar that women can’t make him feel what they should be able to: then, she starts to try to seduce him in an extremely ironic way, among soft lights and champagne glasses. It’s impossible to resist!

If you don’t want to be home alone on St. Valentine’s night, come to Piazza San Marco: we prepared a special night for everyone… in love or not!


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