Catullus wrote: “Give me a thousand kisses, then a hundred, then another thousand…” St. Valentine is getting closer and who doesn’t want to spend this day with the person they love? Waiting for the most romantic day of the year, we decided to inaugurate a new column about the best kisses of the big and the small screen. Let’s begin with Disney kisses: we can become children again with the couples who made us dream when we were little…


  1. Snow White and the Prince. The first position could not but be occupied by the first Disney animated feature film. Released in 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs made entire generations dream and the Prince who wakes up the princess from her long sleep with a kiss made us all sigh!
  2. Cinderella and Prince Charming. After the palace ball at midnight, Cinderella runs away and lives her prince high and dry, without even introducing herself! Luckily, a real prince always knows how to get to his sweetheart and, after having looked around in the realm, finally finds his bride-to-be. The movie ends with a very romantic kiss on the carriage: how sentimental!
  3. Lady and the Tramp. Probably, one of the most imitated scenes ever. Him, her, a spaghetti bowl and a kiss that almost happens by chance. The fact that the movie is about dogs is absolutely insignificant.
  4. The Little Mermaid and Eric. Ariel, the daughter of King Triton, does everything in her power to win the heart of Eric: she makes a pact with the sea witch, gives up her voice and conforms to the human world, but nothing seems to work… This is why, when Eric finally kisses Ariel after many adventures, we could not but be happy for them!
  5. Hercules and Megara. In the Disney version of the Greek myth, Hercules faces the Hydra, becomes a star in Thebes, descends to the Underworld and defeats Hades: it has little to do with the original legend, but when he gives up his place on the Olympus in order to be able to spend a mortal life with his beloved Megara, we could not but get emotional. Their kiss is certainly one of the most tender!
  6. Aladdin and Jasmine. She is a princess, the sultan’s daughter, he is a smart hobo: it should be an impossible love story, but the intervention of the Genie, ready to fulfill Aladdin’s wish to become a real prince, changes everything. For sure, the best scene is the one with the sweet kiss between the two main characters on the flying carpet: who hasn’t dreamt of a kiss like this?
  7. Tarzan and Jane. The non-conventional loves are the most stimulating ones, they say. This is the reason why we like Tarzan and Jane: while she tries to teach him how to walk in an upright position and how to live in a civilized society, he shows her the beauties of an uncontaminated jungle. Eventually, when they kiss each other, it’s a real conquest!

And you? Are you ready to crazily kiss your partner? Come to celebrate with us in Piazza San Marco and shout your love!


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