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7 best Disney crazy characters

Let’s admit it. In the end, nobody likes to be normal. Normality is boring, folly is so much fun. Is it dangerous? Probably. But do you know how beautiful life is in this perspective?

If I had to trace back the cause of this ambition, I wouldn’t have any doubt. The accountables are the Disney cartoons that fascinated and encouraged us the most through their characters, today as yesterday.

So, here are the 7 best Disney crazy characters.



1.Rafiki. How much did we laugh watching the wise baboon of ‘The Lion King’ (1994) go around to fix the problems of the entire savannah. He talks with Mufasa even after he is dead, and is laughter is similar to the one we have in mind when we think about a crazy person. However, he’s the old wise of the situation. He helps Simba face his troubled past, because he’s convinced that he is the cause of his father’s death, by showing him how our loved ones never really abandon us, not even after they’re dead. Then, he persuades him to come back home to take his kingdom back, since it is unjustly governed by the evil Scar. His face is just like a mask and we love it! 

2.The Cheshire Cat. His characteristics are very bright colours and a vaguely creepy aspect, but nothing can ever prevent us from loving the Cheshire Cat. It is a symbol of the folly widespread in Wonderland, and everyone remembers the short dialogue with the little Alice that we regularly quote.

3.The Genie. When poor Aladdin meets him, his life completely changes. How he describes himself, “phenomenal cosmic powers, itty bitty living space”, is what we all remember. A magic Genie that, if called, can fulfill three of the wildest dreams of every man (except for “a few, uh, provisos, a, a couple of quid pro quos”, but let’s settle). Then, Disney decided to add a peculiar and definitely crazy characteristic by basing the animation on the 12-hour improvisation of the great Robin Williams. Yet, even if the Genie seems crazy, deep down is a person like us and has our same wishes. In his case, what he wants more than anything is to finally be free.

4.Peter Pan. “Second star to the right and then straight on until morning”, this is the way to Neverland. Maybe not everyone’s parents have been unlucky enough to find us in pajamas in the middle of the night trying to fly away, but, for sure, we have all said at least once “I don’t want to grow up”. Life wipes out soon this crazy wish, but Peter Pan and the Lost Boys of Neverland make it come true. He spends his life chasing his shadow, believing in fairies and fighting against Captain Hook. It feels like a dream. But, in the end, Peter Pan realizes that Wendy doesn’t want to be part of it.

5.Cruella De Vil. She’s an evil woman who seems to have only one passion: her beautiful fur coats. Some might understand her, but certainly not the Dalmatian puppies she chooses as victims. Cruella (a name, a promise) even makes her henchmen kidnap dogs and, in order to bring them back when they manage to escape, she slowly loses her mind. In fact, towards the end of the movie there is the famous scene in which she chases the puppies with a really devilish aspect: an uncovered car burning, flaming red eyes and an emaciated face. If this is not folly, I don’t know what is.

6.Olaf. As a very recent Disney character, the funny living snowman from ‘Frozen’ (2013) rightfully enter our crazy list. Even the adults could not but fall in love with him watching the movie. Come alive thanks to the Queen of Arendelle, Elsa, and her powers, the snowman guides her sister Anna to make her come to her senses and bring her back. There could be nothing crazier (there could be a tie at most) than a snowman whose greatest wish is to sunbathe during summer. But nobody tells him how absurd his wish is, on the contrary, everyone keeps him close as the friend who always makes their days better, makes them laugh and not think about all the bad things happening. Be sure to always have an Olaf in your life.

7.Stitch. Who wouldn’t want to go to the dog shelter to adopt a puppy and, instead, to come home with a little blue alien who has destructive tendencies? Lilo, a little girl who lives in Hawaii, liked the idea very much. Stitch seems to struggle to fit in the new world he’s forced to live in. However, his being weird doesn’t prevent him to have feelings. He becomes attached to Lilo. He defends her, even if in an exaggerated way, and does everything he can to rescue her from the aliens who kidnap her by mistake. Don’t ever judge too quickly and, above all, if you have to choose your new dog, take the blue one to be sure.



Honorable mention

8.Rasputin. Even if ‘Anastasia’ (1997) is not a Disney movie, but a Fox Animation Studios one, we, as the editorial board, strictly refused to exclude our crazy Russian sorcerer from our list. Inspired by the historical character Grigorij Rasputin, a very eccentric and controversial figure (just think that, at the time, he was famous for the hypnosis with which it was told he was able to control the mind of the Tsar Nicholas II), while writing the screenplay they added to the character… a little bit of temper, right. In the cartoon, Rasputin makes a deal with the devil who gives him magic powers. So, even if he drowns in the Moskva river, he keeps wandering around as a dead man walking who has not-so-funny obsessions about revenge and the murder of the Romanov family. The deed seems almost done, except for the fact that Anastasia, who gives the title to the movie, is still alive. Well, that’s enough to come back from the realm of the dead.


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