Are you ready for the opening of the Carnival with the most unexpected travel?

The new exhibition “Tutta Colpa della Luna” is waiting for you on Saturday, February 16th 2019 on the Rio of Cannaregio at 7pm and at 9pm, for  an imaginary trip between Venice and a fantastic universe.

Using this particoular performance, this team will celebrate the 50° anniversary of the Moon Landing.

It’s a strong challenge composed by the reuse material sculpture, with an emotional dance and the scenography created by Studio Festi and Seconda Materia: the perfect recipe for a taste of Carnival.

The show creates a dreamlike world in a post-apocalyptic style that will let you rediscover the city, its memory and its dreams. In a day when everything is possible, you will see something memorable.

The cyberpunk sculptor To.Ma and the acrobat Silvia Proietti, founders of Seconda Materia Artistic Group, represent an artistic company arrived from the Parco Artistico Scultoreo Post-Apocalittico of Mutonia in Santarcangelo di Romagna where the Mutoid Waste Company was set during the first part of 90s.

The show is realized in collaboration with Studio Festi, team that reinvented and mixed the idea of city like physic space and its memory, its stories, its emotions and abolished all the rules creating something never seen.

An incredible cocktail of performing art. You might be surprised.


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