Sun 14 Apr 2024

Sfilata di Carri Allegorici a Campalto

From 14:30 to 20:00

The events of Venice Carnival 2024 may be delayed, suspended, or cancelled, in case of weather conditions – verified at the specific sites and on the spot – that compromise a safe performance.

In these cases, it will be promptly communicated through on-site and web/social communication channels.


Due to adverse weather conditions, the Parade of Allegorical Floats in Campalto has been canceled. Any rescheduling of the parade for another date will be promptly communicated.

A day in the sign of Carnival!

Carnival markets and carousels.
Food stand in Piazzale San Benedetto.
Traditional Harley Davidson parade in Carnival costumes.
Parade of Carnival floats and masked figures that will run through Campalto from Via Orlanda, Via Passo Campalto to Via Bagaron and back to Via Orlanda, arrival of the parade at Piazzale della Chiesa at Piazzale della Chiesa at 12.00 Children’s workshops at the Pascoli Cultural Centre.
Entertainment in Piazzale San Benedetto with DJ-set until 8.30 pm.
Lottery ticket draw in the square.

There will also be children’s make-up, balloons, baby dance, candy floss and Pop Corn.