Did you really think we would have stopped? Obviously not: our column dedicated to the best crazy characters goes on! We decided to write an article about the crazy characters of the TV shows, to all the weirdest people we saw by watching our favourite TV shows. You’re curious, aren’t you? Here’s our top 7!

1. Berlin, Money Heist: if you have nothing to lose, you can play without following the rules. Otherwise, you can shake things up and play by your own rules. Berlin scares us with his exasperated cynicism, but actually reveals himself to be a bittersweet person and it’s impossible not to fall in love with him. He’s definitely able to stand out, even if he wears a mask and a red jumpsuit as the others.

2. Georgina Sparks, Gossip Girl: when you are beautiful and your family is so rich that they give you everything, it’s understandable if you’re bored. So, what do you do? You ruin the life of all the people who stand in your way, it seems obvious. She’s one of the Upper East Side queens and guest of honor of all the exclusive parties: Georgina is crazy, cruel and sadistic, but she’s told to have also flaws.

3. Leland Palmer, Twin Peaks: his psychological breakdown is totally understandable, even if the scenes where he sings songs from the 50’s really creeped us out. Perhaps, this character makes us anxious thanks to the vintage shots (it’s still a 90’s TV series), but he definitely made history.

4. Joe Goldberg, You: if you want to be the protagonist of a psychological thriller, you can’t certainly be a calm and peaceful person. But Joe Goldberg really managed to disturb our sleep and to scare us more than enough: he’s a real stalker, ready to justify every one of his actions in the name of a love that is actually pure obsession.

5. Spadino, Suburra: the eccentric heir of the Anacleti family could not put occupy an honourable position in our chart. If during the first season of Suburra he made us laugh with his dances and headers, during the second one he becomes a little creepier. It’s a folly that allows the character to accept the rules of his family and that, deep down, makes us feel a sort of tenderness towards him.

6. Moriarty, Sherlock: let’s say it, not everyone loves self-absorbed brainiacs. This is why we understand Moriarty, and when he elaborates all of his enigmas to make Sherlock go crazy he reveals himself to be fool, but, at the same time, also very funny!

7. Jeoffrey Baratheon, Game of Thrones: if sadism had a proper name, it would probably be this. He’s a character who loves seeing the others suffer, either by torturing them himself or making others do it. He’s a full-blown crazy character who made a legendary TV series even more loved.


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