Thirteen allegorical floats, marching bands, majorettes, flag-wavers, and a big closing party in Piazzale San Benedetto. That of Campalto will be a rich and traditional Carnival that will take place on Sunday 19 February from 2 PM.

The programme of the event – promoted by the Civic Cultural Association Pro Campalto – has been presented this morning during a press conference held in the Aula Magna of the school ‘A. Gramsci’. The conference has been joined by the councilor for Local Promotion Paola Mar and by the councilor for Mobility Renato Boraso, as well as by the president and vice-president of the Municipality of Favaro Marco Bellato and Simone Mestriner, who will organize of the event, as well as the delegates for Cultural Policies, Relations with Associations, and Tourism.

As underlined by the sole director of Vela spa Piero Rosa Salva, the float parade of Campalto is essential for the Carnival tradition: “ For many years now it has been one of the main elements of the Venice Carnival programme and I must say, that the Associazione Civica Culturale Pro Campalto (Pro Campalto Civic Cultural Association) has shown great enthusiasm as the local people”, – he said – “Vela’s commitment to this kind of event is important. Indeed, as suggested by the Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, this year there will be eight parades of floats on the local municipal territory, six of which in the mainland. I strongly believe that these events are essential to enrich Venice Carnival traditional contents”.

The great news about this 2023 edition – which will stage more than 600 participants – is the return to the historical route. A 2 kilometer-route, lasting about three and a half hours, that will begin from Via Orlanda, and will continue through Via Passo Campalto, Via Sabbadino to Via Bagaron and back to Via Orlanda, until the arrival of the parade in Piazzale San Benedetto, in front of the church. Here, there will be a stage set up for the awards ceremony. Once the float parade will be over, the dancing will begin with a DJset until 9 PM.

All along the float parade, the security service will also be supported by 40 women belonging to associations involved in raising awareness over the importance of breast cancer prevention, such as Lilt, the Trifoglio Rosa (Pink Clover) and the Pink Lioness in Venice.

“A wonderful occasion that resumes a tradition that has been going on for more than twenty years,” underlined the councilor Mar. “This event is the result of intense work between the Civic Association, the deputy Mestriner, and the whole territory. I would like to thank the Events Promotion Office and Vela, for supporting this initiative, which I am sure will succeed in attracting thousands of spectators for a day of absolute fun”.

“A wonderful event” added Boraso, “An incredible story born with the Civic Cultural Association and the support of Vela. It will be an exceptional event of great fun for our kids”.

Rides for the kids while the traditional Carnival market will be open from Saturday at 6 PM until Sunday at 7 PM.

For the floats parade, the streets in Campalto will be all temporarily closed.


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