Sat 18 Feb 2023

Café Concert

From 19:30 to 20:30
Location: Palazzetto Bru Zane
Address: San Polo, 2368 - Venezia, 30125 Italia (Directions)

The actress and singer Émeline Bayart likes songs that tell a story. Tales of passion, libertinage and love-hate; men and women who get bored, have affairs, and tear each other to pieces. Sad tales, made hilarious. Accompanied on the piano by Manuel Peskine, she draws on the café-concert repertoire and that of characterful female singers from Yvette Guilbert to Juliette (with no attempt to imitate them). She holds the melodic line, only to break it with spoken words or a change of register, moving from head voice to chest voice, from singing to speech, from a shout to a whisper. A naughty, funny, poetic recital.

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