FROM FEBRUARY 11 TO 28, 2017


Improving and expanding, always respecting the lagoon tradition and the different local features: these are the keywords of the 2017 edition of the Carnival of Venice, which according to the intentions of the artistic director, Marco Maccapani, sets out to be even more varied with more events than last year’s 2016 edition. This year’s theme, CREATUM: vanity (af)fair, is a Carnival of vanity and beauty that on the one hand wants to highlight the desire of those who come to Venice (the ‘Serenissima’) from all corners of the world to show off and the attraction of the City magnified by the artisans through their real and original work.

Last year’s extraordinary results formed the starting point for planning the winter event: in 18 days of celebrations with more than 120 events, of which thirty addressed to an audience of children and young people, just as many cultural initiatives intended for a more demanding target, and over 200 artists, performing companies and groups involved; about sixty unique events designed by Vela and its partners specifically for the lagoon carnival, mostly with free admission, including theatrical performances, film screenings, concerts, lessons and narrated itineraries (a count that rises to 97 appointments also considering the reruns), which was attended by at least 10 thousand spectators. The five original exhibitions and the 150 artists, performers, actors and musicians involved by the organization, who were capable of attracting another eight thousand visitors, are also fundamental.



The Grand Opening of the Carnival of Venice 2017 will be an evocative water show “The Vanity of the Abyss, The Queen of the Sea resurfaces in Venice to reflect her image in the Moon”. The vanities and preciousness of the underwater world will be flooding Rio di Cannaregio to mix with the mysterious and colourful rituals of Carnival, a centenary rite that celebrates life. Sea creatures will be enchanting the audience with their beauty and jealously hidden secrets. There will also be an exciting tribute to the Moon, which calling the millennial waters to it, accompanies a majestic Queen of the Abyss with her court of marine creatures.

Show organized by Corona Events artist company.


The celebration of Venetian rowing pays homage to the Venice carnival with its traditional colourful procession that parades from Punta della Dogana to Rio di Cannaregio, which cheerfully awaits the opening of the food and wine stands with Venetian specialties.
An event organized with the collaboration of A.E.P.E. – Associazione Esercenti Pubblici Esercizi and Coordinamento Associazioni Remiere di Voga alla Veneta.


Venice, with its traditions, its history and its excellence. St. Mark’s Square will once again be transformed into a large workshop of the trades. It will be opening its doors to Venetian artisans who are hosted in a fairy-tale setting in front of the Correr Museum and between the two Napoleonic Wings to recreate the atmosphere of the Venetian Republic.
The VANITY AF-FAIR stage will be designed by Massimo Checchetto set designer of the Gran Teatro della Fenice Theatre, commissioned by artistic director Marco Maccapani. The spaces of the artisan workshops will be taken up by Francesco Briggi’s Atelier Longhi, by the masters of the Murano Artistic Glass Consortium Promovetro, as well as the artisans of the Associazione El Felze association, those of the Consorzio dei Mascareri, the Polytecnico Calzaturieri del Brenta, the weavers of Venice Textile and the Consortium of Venetian Restorers Tajapiera.


The “Festa delle Marie” is a traditional event presenting the twelve young Venetian ladies to the City and the audience of the Carnival.
The procession will be departing from San Piero di Castello to reach St. Mark’s Square, is accompanied by costumed historical groups of C.E.R.S. and by the Associazione Amici del Carnevale di Venezia and the Associazione Internazionale per il Carnevale di Venezia.


Welcomed in the crowded parterre by the historical re-enactment groups in costume; will be the Angel, Claudia Marchiori, winner of the Festa delle Marie of the 2016 edition of Carnival, who will relieve the tension of the flight in the embrace of the Doge and the public. The Flight of the Angel 2017, in partnership with EasyJet, which celebrates its multi-year presence at Venice airport, will officially open the Carnival event in grand style. The Procession of the Doge by C.E.R.S. – the European Consortium of Historical Re-enactments, with the participation of the Associazione Internazionale per il Carnevale di Venezia, the Associazione Amici del Carnevale di Venezia and the Historical Group “Le Maschere di Mario del ‘700 Veneziano” (Mario’s Masks of 18th-century Venice).

Mestre Carnival Street Show

On February 18 and 19 and from the 25 to the 28, 2017, the CARNIVAL OF VENICE celebrates art and entertainment in the streets of the city of Mestre, lining the squares, streets and porticos with music and street art shows.


At the end of the 12th stroke of the “marangona” bell, the eagle will be taking off from St. Mark’s bell tower.  The role of the eagle will be taken on by Melissa Satta wearing a dress in shades of blue, designed by Nicola Formichetti for Diesel and made by Francesco Briggi’s Atelier Pietro Longhi. Amid the applause of the audience, the Italian showgirl will be welcomed on the stage in St. Mark’s by the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, together with the organizers of the Carnival.


The 2017 Flight of the Donkey in Mestre will be accompanied by a colourful parade headed by a cheeky Lord Asinello (Lord Donkey) and his troop of percussionists to then open up with the elegance of a damsel on her carriage and the fresh young beauty of the twelve Marie.  At the tail end of the procession, seven donkeys will be accompanying the characters of the parade and the children spectators. At noon, the clock of the Tower marks the beginning of the particular and exciting performance of the flight of the donkey, by the Seconda Materia Company which pays homage to the tradition of this event that took place for the first time in 2002 based on an idea by Roberto Cargnelli of Mandragola and Luciano “Fricchetti” Trevisan of Ossigeno. The show respects the tradition of making ironic fun of the flight of the Angel, but with the ability of thrilling and amazing the audience thanks to the special props and the acrobatic routines both on the ground and in the air of the performers.


The award ceremony with the coronation of the “Maria “of the 2017 Carnival edition, Elisa Costantini, who reaches St. Mark’s Square accompanied by the remaining 11 Marias. As usual, they celebrate the highest tributes to the Winged Lion of San Marco, the symbol of our city which, exceptionally, climbs the bell tower painted on a large scenic cloth to fly over the crowd in the square.

A highly suggestive ritual to close the Carnival.

Un rituale di grande suggestione a suggellare il congedo del Carnevale.

Arsenale Carnival Experience 2017 – GRAND OPENING

Arsenale Carnival Experience 2017 is the Molocinque musical dedicated to young people. Trendy sounds and entertainment on two different stages will be set up in the Tese in the Arsenale Nord.


“The lord of the woods”, a splendid and fascinating costume dedicated to nature and interpreted by Mr. Luigi di Como, wins the most Beautiful Mask Contest that was held in St. Mark’s Square. There were 40 masks parading in the grand finale in front of a panel chaired by Eva Riccobono, model, actress and Italian TV presenter, who was already godmother of the Venice Film Festival in 2013.


Twelve large carnival floats will be parading along the streets of “Città Giardinoand just as many local groups. As usual, the procession will be passing Piazza Mercato twice, where, at the end of the parade, the participating groups will be awarded a prize.


The Children’s Carnival of Zelarino reaches its 50th edition, with many moments of fun and enjoyment.


The Carnival of Venice is a training ground for creativity and cultural production. An artistic offer spread throughout the local territory, a historic city and mainland that tells the story of Venetian excellence and its historical crafts through exhibitions, music and theatre. The cultural review of the Venice Carnival 2017 stages the City by opening the doors of palaces, libraries and archives, museums and music halls to hybrid, impromptu projects that are ideal for the most brilliant and festive context that the Carnival atmosphere brings with it. A mainly free and popular programme of events that highlight an artistically lively and exuberant city.

Il concorso della maschera più bella

Lido in Love 3.0

Corteo delle Marie

Mestre Carnival Street Show

Arsenale Carnival Experience 2017 – GRAND OPENING

Il volo dell'Angelo

Piazza San Marco – VANITY AF-FAIR

Sfilata di carri a Marghera

ALEXIA in concerto

Il volo dell'Aquila

Parata e volo dell’Asino 2017

Il Carnevale dei ragazzi a Zelarino

Lo “Svolo del Leon”


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