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On the evening of Saturday, February 4 at 8 PM, the Opening Parade “Original Dreamers” will take place on the Grand Canal, officially kicking off the 2023 Venice Carnival “Take Your Time For The Original Signs”.

The majestic floating stage will slowly ply on the waters of the Grand Canal, starting its route from the Venice Santa Lucia train and going towards St. Mark’s Basin. The journey will last for about an hour and will showcase all the symbols of the Carnival tradition, thanks to artists, colours, light effects and music.

On display a unicorn, the magical creature that will transport dreamers to the stars, to the unique and fantastic magic of the Carnival of Venice. The protagonist will be the colour white, the same shade of the founding stones of the architectures in Venice. White as a blank canvas painted by fifty artists who, wearing the wonderful creations made by venetians Ateliers, will enliven the city with colours and art.

“Original Dreamers” will amaze viewers young and old with an opera quartet of extraordinary voices interpreting opera arias, with the dancing bodies of dancers and acrobats bringing the fun to life, with fire marking the warmth and passion of rebirth, with the portrayal of the Bull Hunt with its twelve pigs in the sign of tradition, and with percussionists giving rhythm to this travelling dream.

A delicate and sparkling Columbine will also be part of this fantastic kermis: Alice Bars, Maria of the 2022 edition of the Carnival, will cross the Grand Canal up to St. Mark’s Basin in an evocative journey to the beginning of the 2023 Venice Carnival.

The Opening Parade is a production of Vela Spa for the Venice Carnival 2023, from the concept of Artistic Director Massimo Checchetto, and with the direction of Enrica Crivellaro. Among the artistic masters involved: Opera Fiammae; Psycodrummers; RandB. Collective; Compagnia l’Arte dei Mascareri; the opera quartet composed of soprano Silvia Celadin, baritone Alberto Zanetti, tenor Riccardo Gatto and mezzo-soprano Francesca Gerbasi; Viola Cappelli; Maria of the 2022 edition of the Carnival Alice Bars; Venetian ateliers Atelier Pietro Longhi, Antonia Sautter Creation, Nicolao Atelier, La Bauta; and Compagnia Teatrale Pantakin.

Due to the Opening Parade, the routes of ACTV water lines 1, 2, 4.1/4.2 e 5.1/5.2 will be modified as follows:

Line 1: Last regular run from P.le Roma at 7.57 p.m., the 8.09 p.m. and 8.21 p.m. runs are suspended in the P.le Roma – S. Marco Vallaresso section, while the 8.37 p.m. run is limited to Rialto. First regular run from P.le Roma for the entire route at 8.57 pm. During the entire period, the S. Zaccaria – Lido S.M.E. section is regular.

In the opposite direction, last regular run from Lido S.M.E. at 6.44 p.m., from 6.56 p.m. to 7.32 p.m. limited runs to S. Tomà, from 7.44 p.m. to 8.08 p.m. limited runs to S. Marco Vallaresso, from 8.20 p.m. to 8.44 p.m. limited runs to S. Zaccaria. First regular run from LIdo S.M.E. for the entire route at 8.56 p.m.

Line 2: regular service in the S. Zaccaria – Giudecca – Tronchetto – P.le Roma – Rialto direction.

In the opposite direction, last regular run from Rialto to Canal Grande – Tronchetto – Giudecca at 7.37 p.m. Suspended the Rialto – P.le Roma section from 7.49 p.m. to 8.25 p.m, while regular service is from P.le Roma to Tronchetto – Giudecca.

Line 4.1: regular service, except for the 7.54 p.m. departure from F.te Nove, which is limited to Tre Archi (extraordinary stop). The 818 p.m. departure from P.le Roma, arriving at 8.41 p.m. at S. Zaccaria, however, is regular.


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