After Disney and classic movies, we could not but dedicate an article to the most beautiful TV series kisses. There are couples who have made us dreams and have stayed with us for entire seasons, but which are the kisses who really conquered our hearts and deserve to be in our top 7? Here they are!

  1. Rio and Tokyo, Money Heist. He’s a twenty-year-old hacker, she’s a burglar 12 years older: a couple that kept us with bated breath, but that inflamed us in every frame. After all, “love is a good reason to make everything go wrong”.
  2. Ryan and Marissa, The O.C. When you are on a panoramic wheel, 20 metres above the ground, the only way to distract yourself is to kiss someone, of course. Marissa teaches us that the best way to fight our fears is to touch the stars with our loved one!
  3. Big and Carrie, Sex and The City. The first airing and, therefore, the first kiss between Carrie and Mr. Big go back to the 1998. During the years, the ups and downs of their relationship kept us glued to the screen and, for this reason, every kiss becomes a conquest!
  4. Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl. They are stubborn, proud, but always elegant: Blair and Chuck chase each other for six seasons, they get lost and find each other again in the name of a passion that can’t be turned off. Every kiss is so overwhelming that takes our breath away!
  5. Sheldon and Amy, The Big Bang Theory. They are soulmates, real ones. When Amy is begging Sheldon to be romantic during a date on St. Valentine’s day, he kisses her in the only way he knows: clumsy, cocky, but incredibly sweet!
  6. Ross and Rachel, Friends. This is an “old but gold”: our Ross and Rachel give us one of the most tender kisses in the history of TV series. The classic first date kiss that makes us smile (in fact, calling the name of her boyfriend’s sister out loud is not a very acceptable choice) and moves us every time we watch it!
  7. Barney and Robin, How I Met Your Mother. What do you do when you’re afraid of your own feelings? Right, you kiss someone. Barney and Robin are certainly one of the most discussed couples of TV series (the final episode of HIMYM makes us turn our nose even after years…) but they conquered us with their irony!

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