The 2023 Venice Carnival “Take Your Time For The Original Signs”, staged from 4 to 21 February, aims at surprising even the most demanding palates with the second edition of the “Carnival of Taste”, the food and wine event conceived by Fabio Busetto in collaboration with Andrea Rizzo and Maria Botter, curated by Veneziaeventi and officially included in the programme of carnival activities.

After last year’s great success, the innkeepers of the historic centre of the lagoon city are once again called upon to unleash their creativity by proposing dishes, cicchetti or cocktails freely inspired by the theme of the 2023 edition, namely the signs of nature and the constellations, as well as all those original symbols that distinguish the Venetian festival.

Herbs, spices and aromas of the Serenissima are intertwined with the Zodiac and the four elements: Pisces, for example, which in astrology is linked to water, is associated with nutmeg and its refined flavour, a kind of spice used for centuries not only to garnish food but also for its healing properties. On the other hand Gemini, being an air sign, prefers lavender, while Sagittarius, whose element is fire, has a strong attraction for ginger from the Orient. Signs and aromas, therefore, will create an edible experience of sensuality in taste and personality in the glamorous food and wine proposal.

In a Venice that has been transformed into a creative food and wine workshop, it becomes a carnival game to reinvent and transform tradition, proposing cicchetti inspired by the Zodiac, a poem by Jérémie Decalf, or cocktails based on local products and dishes flavoured with lagoon herbs.

The aim of this initiative, which is open to all and completely free of charge, is to provide quality food and wine to all those who decide to spend a day of fun and merriment in the Venetian campi and piazzas this year.


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