Tue 13 Feb 2024

The Return of Marco Polo: The Dragon Flights over St. Marks Square!

From 12:00 to 12:30
Location: Piazza San Marco
Address: Piazza San Marco - Venezia, 30124 Italia (Directions)

The events of Venice Carnival 2024 may be delayed, suspended, or cancelled, in case of weather conditions – verified at the specific sites and on the spot – that compromise a safe performance.

In these cases, it will be promptly communicated through on-site and web/social communication channels.



Suzhou, the ‘Venice of the East’ described by Marco Polo, is a Chinese city famous throughout the world for the quality of its silk and its special weaving technology. Suzhou and Venice, which lie at the two ends of the ancient Silk Road, have been officially twinned since 1980, and have therefore been carrying on relations and initiatives of mutual historical and cultural exchange for years.

On the occasion of the Venice Carnival 2024, on Shrove Tuesday at 12.00 a.m., in St. Mark’s Square an evocative performance by the Weisong School with fan dancing, dancing from the Dragon, acrobatic martial arts, Tai Chi demonstration, percussion.


An initiative carried out in collaboration with:

Veneto Chinese Association in Italy

Mingxi Italy Cultural Association

General Chinese Association in Veneto

Guizhou Entrepreneurs Association in Italy

Veneto Chinese Business Association

Le Nuove Vie di Marco Polo Association

Confucius Institute at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice

The dragon dance is a traditional Chinese dance performed mainly during celebrations of certain holidays. The term Wushu means ‘martial art,’ originated in China and is the oldest martial art that gave rise to other martial disciplines. The dragon is made in such a way that it can be moved by a set of people according to coordinated movements that mimic the sinuous movements of the mythical animal and result in a real ‘dance’ in which straight movements are combined with circular paths. At the same time, the construction and decoration of the dragon, particularly its head, represent a traditional art that can reach high technical and aesthetic levels.

The classic undulating movement of the dragon is achieved by the coordinated moves in succession of each cylindrical section. This is the basic step, while all other moves are left to the imagination and creativity of each dance troupe. In general, the different steps are made up of running spirals to make the dragon’s body turn and weave around itself. Sometimes the dancers themselves jump across or over sections of the dragon’s body, adding acrobatic visual effects, or climb on each other’s shoulders to increase the height of the animal’s body. To be part of a dragon dance troupe requires several skills, a combination of athletic training and stage techniques. The spectacular effect is due more to the cooperation of the whole team in individual movements than to the personal skills of each dancer.

The Weisongschool is a Chinese martial arts school in Pordenone, Italy, established in 2000 fe wave by master Liu Yuwei, a disciple of one of China’s greatest masters. All the stars of the show are competitive athletes of national, international and world level.

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