Sat 11 Feb 2023

Le 12 Marie del Carnevale 2023

A metropolitan mix of young students, workers, extreme sports enthusiasts but also yoga enthusiasts, nurses, tourist escorts, aspiring actresses, crochet enthusiasts but also art and history lovers!

On Friday 3th February, the 12 Marie aged between 18 and 28 from the Metropolitan City of Venice were elected!

An event involving the Venice Carnival organisation in collaboration with the newspaper Il Gazzettino and patron Maria Grazia Bortolato, in the footsteps of the unforgettable Bruno Tosi.

The jury chose these 12 girls:

Giulia Polselli, 18 years old from Oriago, student

Elisa Bermani, 27 years old from Venice, teacher

Sara Barbiero, 27 years old from Spinea, nurse

Agata Scarpa, 24 years old from Chirignago, student

Caterina Minach, 20 years old from Mestre, student

Laura Libbi, 18 years old from Camponogara, student

Lavinia Malerba, 19 years old from Lido di Venezia, tour guide

Martina Codolo, 19 years old from Sant’Erasmo, student

Beatrice Raffael, 23 years old from Venice, student

Giulia Caramel, 24 years old from Mestre, student

Giorgia Boldrin, 19 years old from Marcon, aspiring actress

Matilde Grandesso, 20 years old from Mestre, student

The 12 Marie will also be joined on some dates by the two bridesmaids Veronica Cegion Boscolo and Miriam Gargiulo.

On Saturday 11 February, the first appearance in public, dressed as Marie del Carnevale!
They paraded, in historical dresses made by the Atelier Pietro Longhi, on board gondolas along the Grand Canal to reach St. Mark’s Square, where they were welcomed and presented to the public.

After an intense programme of events and socio-cultural activities, on Shrove Monday, at the Sale Apollinee of the Teatro La Fenice, the proclamation of the winners of the competition will be held, as usual: the Maria of the Year 2023 and the Maria of Il Gazzettino, the latter selected by the readers of the newspaper.

On Tuesday 21 February, the traditional presentation of the winning Maria in St. Mark’s Square.

The competition is in collaboration with

Il Gazzettino

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