Sun 11 Feb 2024

Capodanno Cinese – Cadenze dell’Est: Tradizione e Modernità nella Danza Cinese

From 15:00 to 18:00
Location: Piazza Ferretto
Address: Piazza Ferretto - Mestre, Italia (Directions)

This extraordinary show combines the timeless charm of Chinese tradition with the innovation of modern dance. “Cadenze dell’Est” is a compelling journey through the centuries, mixing classical Chinese dance movements with contemporary interpretations. The dancers, true masters of this art, convey the beauty and grace of cultural traditions.

The show, promoted by the Italy China Culture and Tourism Promotion Association (ICCPTA), will be an opportunity to listen to traditional Chinese music performed with original instruments and to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Carnival of Venice.

The main objective of the Italy China Culture and Tourism Promotion Association (ICCPTA) is to promote and organise the development of cultural, economic and tourism exchanges between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Italy.

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